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Our IT service

Our programmers and technological partners write and may design ad hoc computer programs, based on various programming languages, such as: We often start from the conceptual design and also provide proof of concepts (POC) to establish whether a system or a SW idea satisfies some aspect of the purpose it was designed for. Once our…
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Signed exclusivity agreement on Solar

THE REQUEST An Indian Company, mainly focused on Hydro and Civil business, was willing to find an European Partner/Supplier to execute solar plants, on EPC basis. The European Partner should have provided the design of the plants and/or the supply of core parts from Europe, in order to grant best quality, ad hoc/efficient supply chain…
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Found European Supplier to serve Middle East Customer

THE REQUEST An important and referenced Oil Company operating in Oman was looking for top quality valves coming from Europe. OUR ADDED VALUE We launched a campaign to find suitable suppliers able to produce those valves, already qualified and well referenced worldwide. Finally we identified the right supplier, located in Italy, and keen to take…
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Mediation among Partners

THE REQUEST Further to partnership agreement signed in 2017, all involved Hydro Companies jointly decided to involve GETINET as mediating agency and formally appointed GETINET as their planning/communication coordinator and supporting consultant to fluidify all interactions and tasks executed under the partnership agreeements in the territory covered by the Agreement (Asia). THE REASON We should…
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Signed agreements among international Companies to scout new markets together

THE REQUEST A new Indian Company (established in 2016), focused on Hydro business and full water to wire solutions in ASIA, was looking for European Partners willing to provide the design of hydro turbines and/or the supply of core turbine parts, in order to grant best quality, ad hoc/efficient supply chain and a fair price…
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Found new suppliers in low cost countries

THE REQUEST An important and referenced Mechanical Italian Company was targeting to reduce the cost of some high tech parts so to sell its products at more aggressive price. The involved commodities were forgings, castings, fabrications… OUR ADDED VALUE We launched a campaign to find alternative suppliers from China or India, able to produce high…
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