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Categoria: Digital Innovation

Serving new digital solutions

We partnered with key Companies and experts in the following technological sectors: Data science; Artificial Intelligence; Cybersecurity; Internet of Things; Blockchain; Connectivity; AR/VR. The adoption of digital technology is key to innovate services or businesses in this Industry 4.0 Era: replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes; replacing older digital technology with newer digital…
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Innovate with the RPA

As Partners of RPA ITALY we have learned a lot about the potentials and benefits of the Robotic Process Automation: a technology that allows everyone to design a specific computer software, or “robot”, or simply “bot”, able to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems, so to execute any business…
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Our IT service

Our programmers and technological partners write and may design ad hoc computer programs, based on various programming languages, such as: We often start from the conceptual design and also provide proof of concepts (POC) to establish whether a system or a SW idea satisfies some aspect of the purpose it was designed for. Once our…
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