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Knowledge Partners

Since January 2022

CR Servizi is an ESCo (Energy Service Company) UNI CEI 11352/21 certified, a company specialized in offering energy services, such as:

  • implementing energy-efficiency projects (including renewables),
  • energy savings and/or provision of the same level of energy service at lower cost,
  • assistance in arranging financing for the operation of an energy system.
  • design and installation of more energy-efficient equipment,
  • supply of proprietary softwares concieved to monitor and optimize the entire energy consumption.

With this new Partnership we will be able to better support all those Companies and Enterprises that are willing to become smarter, more efficient and greener.

Since October 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about a new and immense technological revolution. Together with BlueTensor we will help Companies to develop and integrate AI solutions and unlock additional business opportunities.
Automation, computer vision, data analysis, process optimization, predictive maintenance, patterns recognition are only few examples of what AI can bring to innovative and forward-thinking Enterprises.

To serve and support our Customers in such a terrific digitization era we will constantly invest on digital competencies and cooperate with talented partners.

Since September 2020

Studio Armoni & Associates is a Company focused on Cybersecurity & Data Protection. At same time they have got a strong know how on Data Science and, really important for our Mission, Business Intelligence. This partnership is instrumental to gather more acumen on data management and related business opportunities, and at same time to leverage the most recent technologies, such as machine learning and predictive analysis.

Data will become more and more important to properly lead a business, operate with efficiency and maximize the performance and final results.

Since May 2020

TechBricks is a Smart Innovation Startup Studio developing exponential technologies and relying on a task force of technology gurus, product specialists and technopreneurs to quickly transform bright ideas into go-to-market scalable products.
Techbricks is also a Venture Builder and investment vehicle for Venture Clients and Investors willing to access a diversified portfolio of products and startups, yet vertical on disruptive technologies like Data Science, Big Data, IoT and Blockchain/DLT.

We trust that such collaboration will bring important synergies, vehiculate innovation and develop new growth opportunities for our Company and its Clients.

Since May 2017

The Association RPA Italy was co-founded by our CEO and born with the Mission to promote and spread all main subjects of Digital Transformation in Italy, such as Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things.

RPA ITALY is an important vehicle to keep up to date about all most recent innovations and support our Customers towards their digital journey.