Our Genesis

GEneral Trade
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Let’s create together!

We jointly build the future of your ideas… respecting the diversity

GETINET is an Italian Company born in 2014, mainly focused on providing top quality service and assistance to every Company that is willing to:

  1. change its business pace,
  2. upgrade its strategy and mission,
  3. extend its Customers portfolio,
  4. challenge the status quo.

We have more than 20 years experience in the execution of complex tasks and jobs in the following Industries: Oil & Gas, Renewables, Automotive and Digital Technologies. All our experts and employees have been traveling frequently during their career, getting in contact with different cultures and life styles, appreciating unique approaches to business and learning how to think different, value every idea, inspire others.

Thanks to our wide know-how we can help you to boost your business and evaluate new out-of-the-box opportunities, initiatives and ideas, through:

  • designing and involving brand new supply chains;
  • identifying and putting in place efficient business partnerships;
  • supporting your business through the introduction/upgrade of digital technologies.

We can assist you throughout the whole lifecycle of your processes, products and services, by identifying current road blocks and proposing way out and ideas. We really trust on diversity and respect different points of view, insights and opinions that may be synergized and become instrumental to increase your value proposition.

Let’s create together!