Project Management

It is key to lead Projects and develop Ideas to achieve goals and meet success criteria within a specified time!

A renewed mindset for the Project Manager can boost innovation and generate new opportunities!

Luca Porcari, CEO of GETINET

We invite you to read the LINKEDIN article “The right mindset for the Project Manager” (ITALIAN language) written by our CEO

The way we do as Project Managers

We can take the overall responsibility for the successful design, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure of complex project in various fields. Our most recent activities are in the sectors of Construction, Power Plants, Start Up’s projects, Information Technology and development of new businesses.

We have a combination of skills including the ability to schedule all project activities taking into account given budget, time and scope of project, re-elaborate or detect any wrong assumption, resolve conflicts among all Parties, lead extended teams and grant their engagement, report to the C-level and keep the commitment, plan for additional developments to make any innovative idea more profitable and/or to boost its penetration into the reference market.

Some of our typical tasks are:

  • Planning and Defining the Scope together with the Customer
  • Activity Planning and Sequencing
  • Elaboration of a proper GANTT
  • Resource Planning
  • Time & Cost Estimating
  • Developing and freezing a Budget
  • Managing Risks and Issues
  • Monitoring and Reporting Progress
  • Team Leadership
  • Business Partnering if and when required, by leveraging our network
  • Working with Vendors
  • Hitting benefits and targets of the Project as expected by the Customer

In addition, in every moment of our activities we like to suggest innovative solutions or digital technologies in order to either ease the project execution or add more levers and value to our Customer. We aim to be accountable for the development of innovative projects and new technologies introduction.

We have soft and hard skills, ready to serve you and find the best way to create together something great!

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