Information Technology

An AI recently said: “I only do what humans program me to do”… will this be true forever?

All Tech Giants, the largest and most dominant companies in the information technology industry, collect and own the most of the data that we all generate and we all are represented by

Luca Porcari, CEO of GETINET

Our CEO in 2017 co-founded RPA ITALY, an Association devoted to spread the awareness and use of RPA and other digital technologies applied to business

IT is the infrastructure, AI is the future of everything

All Tech Giants provide a huge quantity and variety of products and services in our life, for personal and business needs. They are licterally re-inventing our way of life. We all take profit from their vision and broad proposition to even conceive or adjust our products and services, aiming to be part of a new big tech soon. Information Technology has been instrumental to this and every Enterprise depends on a large use of computers, Internet, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and so on.

We partnered with reputed Technological Companies in order to properly cover some key aspects of this digital revolution, finally aiming to:

  • develop and integrate AI solutions to unlock additional business opportunities;
  • gather more acumen on cybersecurity, data management and related business opportunities;
  • apply a mix of exponential technologies with the support of technology gurus and experts;
  • invest and access to a diversified portfolio of products and startups, which are vertical on disruptive technologies like Data Science, Big Data, IoT;
  • vehiculate innovation and develop new growth opportunities for our Clients.

It is not simple to keep the right pace with last tehnological developments, also considering the increase in complexity and variety of approaches and behaviors. Digital experience is mixing more and more to human real experience, The gap between analogical and digital is becoming too large and all Companies are obliged to re-structure their own processes, products and services to “steal” new market opportunities and/or defend their niche.

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