Global Trends

Cross-disciplinary thinking and different perspectives help to better manage an opportunity or a challenge

Being informed of main global trends and changes helps to efficiently drive every business and its future

Luca Porcari, CEO of GETINET

We invite you to read the LINKEDIN article “The Landscape of Human Competencies” written by our CEO

Our World is changing quickly

The way every business is conceived and developed is drastically changing since the last few years and the expectations by all end users are completely different. Surely the most recent digital technologies are re-inventing the economic and business related rules as well as priorities and required competencies are evolving rapidly.

It is not so simple to keep the right pace with last tehnological developments, also considering the increase in complexity and variety of approaches and behaviors. Digital experience is mixing more and more to human real experience, The gap between analogical and digital is becoming too large and all Companies are obliged to re-structure their own processes, products and services to still hit some market opportunities and defend their niche.

A constant overview at main global trends helps to perform better and ensure top level support to our Clients:

  • Smart competencies are getting really important to think bigger and innovate;
  • Solid vertical know-how is no more the only key for success;
  • Increasing the Customer Experience (CX) is the main target for the most business sectors;
  • New marketing models are offered everywhere to attract new leads, including an intelligent “social” presence in the main social media;
  • Global economic power is not balanced and Big Tech Enterprises are undisputed leaders.

We are forced to play in this revolutionary “green field”, meaning that there are now terrific opportunities and enough space for developing new products and services at every level of our personal and professional life.

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