Robust and wide technical know-how makes the team more conscious and rigorous when supporting Clients…

We should always invest on our constant growth in different fields and solid technical background

Luca Porcari, CEO of GETINET

In 2018 Our CEO has been appointed President of the Association RPA ITALY, that he also co-founded in 2017. His main target was to first learn more about all newest digital technologies and properly interact with all Associates.

Our Engineering background

The most of our Experts are Engineers, graduated and operating since years in various fields: Power, Chemical, Industry, Electronics, Aeronautics. Having different technical competencies enables us to:

  • Support a wide variety of Customers and business sectors;
  • Grant a broader vision and approach to all transformational initiatives;
  • Count on a cross-functional knowledge which facilitates a deeper analysis of every new opportunity;
  • Intercept any potential technical issue or challenge upfront;
  • Suggest creative paths to add more value to our Customers products and services.

In few words, by combining our technical skills each other we may increase our proposition and presence, in addition to our background and reputation. As matter of fact, we have recently offered a new type of support to a Company focussed on providing technicians and field service engineers for commissioning, revamping and maintenance of Industrial Chemical/Power Plants. The disciplines involved are a lot and we are now helping this Company to introduce itself in this complex business sector and increase their margins.

We all need hard skills as the basics for creating together something great!

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