About us

GETINET is a young Company with an international know how acquired after many years in the fields of projects management, sourcing, commercial operations, sales, international contracts and supported by a broad network of experts dislocated in China, India, USA, Europe, etc…
We interact with Enterprises specialized in their own sector to make and support innovation.
Main mission of brand is being able to collect needs and/or requests by other Companies that are either strongly "globalized" or aim to "think global", and identifying for them the right interface (Companies, experts, Consortium, Associations) that can add value to them by jointly developing new business opportunities and making their ideas real through the creation of customized/new products and services.
Our purpose is therefore the consolidation of ad-hoc cooperations, such us Buyer-Seller, Partnership, Joint Venture, depending on the different business perspectives.
We promoted and developed the brand , in the years 2014-2017, now acquired by the Company Vincix SRL established on early 2018, which offers information technology solutions to rationalize, optimize and automate specific internal procedures and processes.


Starting from a concept, we help you during design, development, prototyping and commercial phases.


In the Power and other industrial sectors, we provide technical consultancy, we design customized business plans and give international support by leveraging our network.


Our entrepreneurial skills and a solid experience of project management and R&D allow us to look at the future with optimism and passion, making innovation our long term vision.

With such preconditions we propose ourselves as Partners, not just simple suppliers for services and products:
Being ad making TEAM, together with our Customers, means granting the best result through competitive costs and a flawless execution.

What do we offer


Technical support to Engineering/Production Companies in the fields of Power and Mechanical Industry.


Project management, development of new business opportunities, expansion of Customers Portfolio, management of international Jobs.


Research of customized supply chain and start up of collaborations with low cost Countries and emerging markets, through the identification of right local partners.

Process optimization

Survey of specific internal processes to be improved through proper simplifications and interactions with accountable partners.

Strong points

A broad approach, essential to manage a wide range of commodities and opportunities in a global market.

Our network, international and growing up, is able to cooperate with emerging markets and more developed ones, always ensuring the best service.

Our technical and management skills derive from solid industrial and high tech corporations.

Our Projects

Executed projects:

Our Customers & Partners