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97MW EM contract assigned to ZECO & Schimmer, mediation by GETINET

After 3 years of tough work, on January 22 of this year the formal commencement of the EM works by ZECO – Schimmer for realizing one of the biggest privately developed hydro power projects in Nepal finally occurred. ZECO is an Italian Company, with solid international presence, engaged in the business of electromechanical components for…
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Established JV between three Parties to execute one big Project in NEPAL

THE REQUEST An Indian Company, mainly focused on Hydro and Civil business, was willing to complete its profile by partnering with referenced Companies, one on Hydro Power Plants, another one on complex Civil works. It was mandatory to chose European Companies for this purpose, aiming all together to establish a JV. THE REASON The Indian…
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Mediation among Partners

THE REQUEST Further to partnership agreement signed in 2017, all involved Hydro Companies jointly decided to involve GETINET as mediating agency and formally appointed GETINET as their planning/communication coordinator and supporting consultant to fluidify all interactions and tasks executed under the partnership agreeements in the territory covered by the Agreement (Asia). THE REASON We should…
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Signed agreements among international Companies to scout new markets together

THE REQUEST A new Indian Company (established in 2016), focused on Hydro business and full water to wire solutions in ASIA, was looking for European Partners willing to provide the design of hydro turbines and/or the supply of core turbine parts, in order to grant best quality, ad hoc/efficient supply chain and a fair price…
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