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Launched the Getinet Academy

Launched the Getinet Academy

A few year back I started my own journey to implement RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions. Then, in 2017 along with other stake holders I decided to found a new brand, RPA ITALY. With this move I was embracing the world of Digital Innovation and I became more and more passioned about this so vaste revolution that will finally change the way to make business and to work.

Digital Innovation is all about the journey from Analogue to Digital, which is occurring in multiple business sectors in order to get all benefits that the Industry 4.0 will surely bring to Enterprises. This is why I decided since last year to invest the most of my time in studying this revolution and some of its technologies.

This year the Association RPA ITALY is fully operative and is arranging an important National Congress on RPA and AI. The interest is huge, with plenty of speakers, partners and topics to cover. I recommend to visit the RPA ITALY Congress web page for more details.

By discussing with some Italian experts of digital innovation, we have together decided to launch this new initiative: prepare and dispense technical webinars focused on specific digital innovation topics. This is the scope of my new Academy where, supported by/along with passioned experts and professionals, I will try to give my contribution to the digital revolution. I hope to offer a service that may find the interest of those ones who want to explore more in detail the universe of big data and digital transformation.

We invite you to visit the web page of our Academy

Luca Porcari, CEO of GETINET

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